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"Thank you for geting our grill to work again! It hasn't worked in years!"
Steve, Atlantic Beach

"When we bought our home, we were so excited that it had a summer kitchen. We never thought to make sure that it worked! Thank you for ordering the parts and getting our grill to work again..."
Karen, Ponte Vedra Beach

"Our grill plates were full of rust.....now they are clean. I can now grill my family's meals and know that their food is safe to eat."
Mark, Jacksonville

"I thought that using the grill brush every time I grilled was all that I needed to do. The process that North Florida Grill Cleaning uses made it look new again."
Rusty, Amelia Island

"Summer is here...my grill is clean and working again..."
Anthony, Jacksonville Beach

"They did a terrific job cleaning & restoring our aged Lynx stainless steel grill. They do great work and are really nice people. I highly recommend them".
John, Ponte Vedra Beach

"Very thorough cleaning!! Thanks Mark and Alex! They came and took the grill off the porch, took it apart and cleaned every piece plus replaced the burners and ignition switch! I am very pleased with the results- almost hate to cook on it because it looks so pretty!"
Laura, Nocatee

Jacksonville Frill Cleaning

We Perform Repairs On Igniters, Burners, Heat Plates And Install New Grills As Well!

North Florida Grill Cleaning
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 Jacksonville Grill Cleaning

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